O7. Promotional, Marketing and Dissemination Tools

Parent: Competency and learning development for Job Brokers in the EU

September 2015

From the outset and during the lifetime of the project, partners will be actively involved in the  development and maintenance of a range of marketing tools. This will include websites, social media profiles, eLeaflet and EZines. These will form part of an innovative, creative marketing strategy for the project, enabling dissemination to become embedded in the project throughout its delivery. Although the formal language of the project will be English, we do anticipate that some marketing and dissemination materials may be translated into partners national languages if they feel this is appropriate. A number of key dissemination events will take place during the final stages of the programme, ensuring that the findings and Intellectual Outputs of the programme reach as large an audience as possible and are cascaded down to other VET organisations, individuals working within the role of the Job Broker, funders and policy makers, employers and other key stakeholders. Details of these key final dissemination events are listed in the appropriate sections of the form.

Partners will use a range of resources to initially market the project and these tools will also be used as a way of embedded dissemination into the body of the programme. Individual partner and a dedicated project Websites will be established. Social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) will also be set up and maintained regularly as a way of keeping the project 'alive'. Regular e-leaflets will be created, along with a 6 monthly ezine, which will be published from the second year of the programme.

VMS will lead this phase of the work and have overall responsibility for the production of dissemination materials. VMS are key players within their country in terms of advising on employment and policy- as a result they  have access to all the significant policy makers and have extensive networks along with considerable experience of high impact, national and international marketing and dissemination. As is documented in the Dissemination activity section - VMS have recently been involved in disseminating their successful projects to heads of state internationally and therefore already have the structures. methodologies and practical skills in house to enable the project to explore and implement  a range of innovative and  effective dissemination activities. Thus, while all partners will be involved in planning and of course for their own national dissemination activities, VMS will lead the dissemination strategy for the project This includes responsibility for the project website, ezines and eleaflets. However individual partners will be required to develop and maintain their own dissemination materials in their partner countries, including setting up partner websites and media profiles.

As explained in the Multipler Events section, two major transnational dissemination events (interim and final) will be delivered in addition to one national dissemination/promotional event in each partner country. Each partner is responsible for organising and delivering one dissemination event targeting their local/national audience.  VMS, working closely with Rinova, will coordinate with the hosting partner the organisation and delivery of the Transnational Dissemination activity in Larissa (Greece) and final event in Vienna. The partners will be consulted on the programme's content for both events.

This IO is to be led by the partner VMS.

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