O6. Job Broker Tool Kit and Self Directed Learning Guide

Parent: Competency and learning development for Job Brokers in the EU

September 2015

Design and production of a set of resources and learning tools, which will be made available to Job Brokers and those in roles requiring the matching of unemployed individuals to employment opportunities. The Resource Pack will be a combination of new resources developed as a result of the programme and links to existing resources which have come to light as result of the research activity. This Resource Pack is aimed at providing opportunities for self assessment and professional development for the professional Job Broker, providing them with the resources to assess their own skills and competencies, along with materials to enable them to develop additional skills and aptitudes and importantly to enable them to track and assess their current skills against the Occupational Competency Standards and associated NQF/EQF Standards.

This IO includes the following two key activities:

1) Job Broker Tool Kit and Self Directed Learning Guide: The Resource Pack or Tool Kit will include, exercises and questionnaires to enable the professional Job Broker to self assess, track and improve their skills set.  It will include a 'Self Directed Learning Guide' incorporating materials to enable the Broker/Learner to assemble a portfolio which can be tracked against the identified Standards.

This will support the EU commitment to encouraging transfer and mobility of professionals, particularly in the VET Sector (where it is presently less common) by providing those in Job Brokering Roles with an easy to follow, common portfolio of skills, which will be equally relevant and timely in other EU countries.

Along with practical exercises to enhance the Job Brokers skills and practical performance, the guide would also include information and guidance on Self Assessment (including Peer Assessment) - again this is crucial in the context of a newly emerging and fast changing role such as this. Initially the Self Assessment tool will be based on the findings of the previous IO which will have tracked and alignment elements of the Curriculum Programme to the  NQF/EQF standards. As the programme progresses and into the future, the Legacy Planning Document will consider whether accreditation of the Curriculum Programme is feasible and this will inevitably have an impact on tools such as the Self Assessment module, which will then be expanded to include newly emerging standards and elements of the training.

The pack will also provide access and to both new and existing exercises and resources, ensuring those in the Job Broker role are able to 'hit the ground running' and in countries where the role is less established, Job Brokers will be able to begin their career with the benefit of a range of resources and links which otherwise may have taken time to establish. Along with links to existing and new resources, will be links to information on opportunities, some of which will be explored as part of the Legacy Planning Document - of particular interest will be information via EURES on the opportunities for mobility, something which is further explored in the Legacy Planning Document and will become key in any future developments of this project.  

2) Test, Revise and Finalise Job Broker Resource Pack: Practising Job Brokers will be given the opportunity to feedback on the practical application of the Resource Pack, providing feedback and suggestions which will then be incorporated into the final version of the Resource materials. These will then be made available to all partners in an 'interactive PDF format' - Which will be available on CD ROM/DVD but also web-enabled to ensure that it is available without the need for additional resources, long after the programme has completed. This is particularly important to the legacy of the programme as the aim is for the Resources Pack to be cascaded down to other individuals operating within the Brokering role.

GSUB will lead the delivery of this IO in close collaboration with Rinova, to design and develop the Resource Pack/Tool Kit which will be a combination of materials from the Curriculum Programme and self assessment and development tools and resources. All partners will be consulted and contribute towards the development phase.

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