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Position Announcement: EU Project Manager
Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Type: Recruitment- Announcing new positions

Vacancy notice by M.M.C. Management Center Ltd to fill 1 new job position in Nicosia district

1. EU Project Manager 

Job position code: 20200714EU_MAN


MMC Management Center Ltd has been active in the field of business training and development as well as in consulting since 2002 and in the field of European and co-funded programmes since 2005. It has been a partner in more than 150 European and co-funded programmes and is considered a leader in the field. Many of MMC's projects have been distinguished as examples of good practices while it has developed a large network of partners both in Cyprus and abroad and it stands out for its know-how and professionalism.

The MMC team consists of professionals of various fields, who are characterized by their passion for learning.

This announcement is about an EU Senior Project Manager, who will be in charge of a number of projects and will participate in the writing of proposals. It is a permanent and full-time job position.

Job Description:

  • Implementation of tasks for the European and Co-funded Programmes Department through writing and submission of proposals in both Greek and English.
  • Communication with clients and organisations interested in participating in projects and identifying their needs.
  • Design and implementation of deliverables.
  • Monitoring of deliverables, coordination of partners, development of reports.
  • Participation in transnational meetings or trainings.
  • Participation in trainings or meetings that take place in Cyprus and abroad.
  • Trainings and pilot testing of deliverables.
  • Preparation of reports for various competent authorities.
  • Design and implementation of publicity and quality management actions.
  • Other related work.  

It is noted that:

  • The job responsibilities include 1-3 trips abroad per month as well as travelling in Cyprus.
  • The selected candidate will be trained for the first three months. After this period, s/he is expected to be able to perform his/her duties independently.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor and Master degrees in the fields of Education, Social Sciences, Business Administration, Human Resources, and other related fields
  • Previous experience of at least three years in a similar position (it is expected that after 3 months the selected candidate will be able to perform his/her duties independently)
  • Excellent command of Greek and English
  • Excellent use of the computer, with focus on Microsoft Office programmes as well as on Internet applications
  • Organizational skills and initiative
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Project management

The following will be considered as additional qualifications:

  • PhD
  • Experience in migrant issues
  • Experience in European models, such as EQF, ERF, ECVET etc.
  • HRDA Certificate: Vocational Training Instructor (or equivalent)
  • ECDL Certificate
  • Relevant English language certificate

To Submit an Application Form

  1. Send your CV, with clear reference to the job position, to In order for your CV to be considered, your academic qualifications and experience must be described in detail, with reference to the type of projects that you have managed, type of deliverables etc., so that it is clear that the minimum criteria for the position are satisfied.
  2. Please note that CVs which will be sent in any other way will not be considered for the position.
  3. The last date for sending your CV is 3 August 2020. It is noted, however, that CVs will be evaluated upon receipt and the process will be completed as soon as the appropriate candidate is identified (even before 3 August).

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process will be as follows:

  1. Initial selection of the most suitable CVs and notification only of candidates who will be invited to Step 2.
  2. Evaluation of candidates through test which will be done digitally at MMC offices.
  3. First interview through Zoom for candidates who will pass the digital exam.
  4. Second interview at MMC offices for candidates who will be selected through the first interviews.

Start of Work

The selected candidate is expected to start working on around 7 September 2020.

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